Mol Premier® 1000 Combustion Furnace


Mol Premier® 1000 Verbrennungsofen Detail

Large sample quantities

Mol Premier® 1000 Verbrennungsofen

Robust construction

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Easy operation

Mol Premier® 1000 Combustion Furnace

The Mol Premier® 1000 Combustion Furnace is a powerful and compact benchtop unit for the complete oxidation of samples which are particularly large, or in solid, powder, paste, slurry or liquid form at temperatures of up to 1050 °C.

The samples are pushed into the laboratory furnace’s hot zone in quartz glass combustion boats with a sample insertion rod. The tube diameter of the quartz glass flow reactor is 50 mm. The sample is fully combusted in the oxygen stream.

The sample gas can then be analyzed using an analyzer system connected to the laboratory furnace, such as the Mol CS1000 Elemental Analyzer.

The Mol Premier® 1000 Combustion Furnace’s  robust construction, easy operation and high temperature range of 1050 °C allow for an extreme versatility of use.

For the complete oxidation of samples at temperatures of up to 1550 °C we recommend the Mol Premier® 1350 Combustion Furnace.

Are you looking for a pre-heating furnace for the successful determination of elemental contents in the sensitive ppm range, that meets or exceeds common standards such as ASTM E1019 and ISO 9556 / 4935? If so, we recommend the Mol Premier® 1350 Pre-Heating Furnace.

Grafik mit Rakete und Pfeil

Operating Mode 1
Fast Heating

Direct control of the high-temperature furnace with maximum power – whenever things need to go fast.

Grafik mit Blatt und Pfeil

Operating Mode 2
Multistage Heating

Through fully automatic, multi-stage heating, the set target temperature is reached – resource-conserving for a long service life of the heating elements.

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Operating Mode 3
Timed Heating

The high-temperature furnace autonomously regulates the temperature according to a pre-set time program – energy-saving for low operating costs.

Product Features

Mol Premier® 1000 Combustion Furnace
For particularly large samples

Maximum temperature
1,050 °C

Heating elements

Type S according to DIN EN 60584

Combustion tube

Tube diameter
50 mm

Input voltage
230 VAC ± 10 %; 50/60 Hz, 16 A max.

approx. 33 x 57 x 55

Heated zone
15 cm

Average heat-up time
approx. 60 °C / min

Powerful multimedia processor with four ARM cores (Cortex-A53, ARMv8)

up to 1,4 GHz

Outputs (optional)
1 x full size HDMI output

Outputs (optional)
4 pole stereo output

Ethernet (optional)
Gigabit Ethernet over USB 2.0

Wi-Fi (optional)
Wi-Fi for IEEE 802.11b, g, n and ac in the 2.4 and 5 GHz range

Bluetooth (optional)
Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy (BLE)

USB (optional)
up to 4 x USB 2.0 ports

Function Description

The high-temperature furnaces from the Mol Premier® seriesare resistance-heated, high-temperature furnaces.
Compared to conventional resistance heating wire, the heating elements used can reach sustained high temperatures of up to 1550 °C quickly and easily.

The Mol Premier® 1000 Combustion Furnace software is limited to a maximum temperature of 1050 °C, which is due to the temperature resistance of the quartz glass continuous-flow reactor used.

The temperature can be regulated via a software-based PID controller. The electrical system is directly controlled via the analysis software, which can be operated with a capacitive touch display built into the front panel. Alternatively, the furnace can also be controlled via the elemental analyzer’s application software. Connecting multiple furnaces with one elemental analyzer also allows for fractionated analysis at different temperatures and reduces downtime when sample throughput is high. The software displays the current temperature, allows the the target temperature to be set, regulates the temperature depending on the heating program used, and also limits the maximum current during the warm-up phase. The control value is then fed to the electrical system.

The current temperature is measured with a high-temperature thermocouple according to DIN EN 60584, amplified, digitized and made available to the analysis software. An additional sensor in the electrical system measures the ambient temperature and corrects the reference point of the thermocouple so that changes in the ambient temperature do not affect the furnace temperature.

The automatic current limitation prevents the maximum permissible output of the heating elements from being exceeded, thus enabling maximum service life of the heating elements used. The automatic current limitation functions independently and does not require manual readjustment over the course of the heating elements’ aging process.

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